Stress is the worst enemy to the human body which can come from work, relationships, family and other situations.

Having too much stress can cause health problems such as; headache’s, stomach pain as well as skin breakout. Hence, one must be able to release stress to avoid such health problems.

Wake up at 5am and Pray

Waking up early provides a boost of energy to the human body throughout the day. Also, you will be more focused and productive in your daily tasks. Alongside waking up early, one should practice to regularly pray in the morning to build a stronger mental and spiritual health.

Meditate Regularly

The meditation technique sets the human body in a relaxation mood; slow breathing, lower pulse rate and low blood pressure. Hence, the practice of daily meditation will aid in a healtheir body and mindset.

Meditate Regularly
Meditate Regularly
Exercise Regularly

Exercise is proven to be one of the most important thing to do in order to release stress. It lowers stress hormone and improve’s sleep quality. Hence, it is adviced to jog or walk daily for atleast 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

Meditate Regularly

A lack of sleep plays a major role as it is the result of stress. Unfortunately this usually happens when there are many thoughts in our mind and continous thinking will lead to sleep deprivation. This is why we should sleep 7-8 hours.

Get Enough Sleep
Meditate Regularly
Always Smile even if you are Stressed

Research has proven that the practice of thinking positively and smiling during a stressful time can decrease stress level and encourage positive thinking, which will also improve health status.

Meditate Regularly

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