THE FUTURE MUSEUM DUBAI is a prestigious and iconic job in Dubai. It is a seven floor unique structure with attractive finishes both indoor and outdoor. It is expected to be a revolutionary building which will explore and show case the future of artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies in Dubai.

NAFFCO is executing the Fire Protection system for the entire development. Through installing, testing and commissioning of Sprinklers, Firefighting and FM200 system.

The major requirement was to match the construction with the architecture of the building. The client is looking for a system with high level of protection with world class standards. NAFFCO is coordinating with other trades and building structure during the installation of our system by engaging full time designers at site and by close interaction with the consultants and with other contractors. It is one of the highly engineered jobs in the world. Job is ongoing as per the schedule and will be finished in first quarter of 2020.

NAFFCO Team Installing Sprinkler Systems Inside the Future Museum Dubai

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