NAFFCO’s Rim seal Linear Heat Detection and foam based fire protection system for floating roof tanks is specially designed for extremely fast detection and effective suppression of fires till such time the fixed foam pourer system is activated. The extinguishing media is Premix foam solution, which has excellent film formation & cooling properties to prevent re-ignition after suppression.

  1. Adjustable detector sensitivity & response behavior at site from, -40°C to +160°C

  2. Pre Alarm configurable for Early Warning & High Reliability

  3. Continuous Detection at high temperatures

  4. Very low operating cost due to unique feature of re-usability of Sensor Tube even after several hydrocarbon fires

  5. Detection system Approved by UL (USA) / VdS (Germany) & UL Approved Foam concentrate

  6. Pre-mixed foam tank capacity 50 -250Litres, Stainless construction for long life & sturdy performance

  7. Ex-proof solenoid valve & Pressure switches provided. Installation possible on hydrocarbon product filled storage tanks since no hot jobs is required on the tank top

  8. The system has provision to send a signal to Rim Seal Fire panel situated in control Room, with Annunciator and Graphic Console so that that operator can get alarmed/Continuous monitoring

  1. The Linear heat Detection system comprising of the Detection Evaluation unit & sensor tube which detects the fire & automatically actuates the foam based extinguishing system and foam rushes into the discharge manifold piping and out on to the rim seal through specially designed foam discharge nozzles.

  2. Detection System Interfacing / Communication to the Alarm annunciation panel

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